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We have always heard the quote Don’t judge a book by its cover. But we also know First Impression is the last impression. If we talk about YouTube, both the quotes make sense. The First Impression that we get of a YouTube video or YouTube Shorts is through its Thumbnails. Thumbnail plays a very crucial role in driving traffic and increasing your Clickthrough rate (CTR). 

It would not be wrong to say that if you have good YouTube content along with high-quality and attractive thumbnails, It can change the game for you. Similarly, if your YouTube video or Shorts thumbnail is not that impressive then most of the time people might ignore your video and in terms of YouTube Shorts, they might simply scroll for the next one.

One thing that matters a lot over YouTube that is It does not matter how good is your overall video unless someone clicks on it.

6 Easy Tricks to make your thumbnail STAND OUT from others

Today we will be discussing the 5 simple tricks to make your YouTube thumbnail proficient and stand out your video from others.

#1 Proper Thumbnail Sizes

Proper Thumbnail Size keeps your thumbnail content properly visible, maintains its quality and reduces the chances of scaling that could lead to pixel distortion.

YouTube Video has a standard Thumbnail size of 1280 x 720 px while Youtube Shorts has a standard thumbnail size of 1080 x 1920 px.

#2 Thumbnail Should Go with Audience

It is important to understand that your audience matters the most. And if your audience is not liking your thumbnail then it will be a negative thing for you.

For E.g If your audiences are lawyers then you cannot come up with a funky thumbnail that a game streamer might want to use. That would be inappropriate because your audience will not be able to relate to your thumbnail. And the new audience might completely ignore your videos because they won’t realize it is made for them.

So Always keep your audience at the priority and make your thumbnail that they can relate to.

#3 Thumbnail should focus on the topic

It’s been said a picture is worth a thousand words and so is your Youtube thumbnail. Remember It is a gateway for the audience. So it is better to highlight the topic that you cover in the entire video in your thumbnail as well.

This way the audience will get a glimpse of your content and what they can expect in the video.

There are multiple ways to focus on the topics such as sticking multiple photo shots of the various sections of the video something like this

thumbnail example 1
source: youtube/c/SydneySerena

Or highlight the products that you showcase in the video just like how CNET highlighted the Apple product from Apple’s WWDC 2022.

thumbnail example 2
source :

These are just simple tricks that showcase what users can expect from the video and what topics, Places, Products, etc are covered in the entire video or shorts.

#4 Images and Text should be Vibrant, Bold and Easy to read

We already know there is a lot of competition on YouTube. With Ample videos all around on the same topics. What can make your thumbnail eye-catching? Of course, the images and text that you use in your thumbnail.

Rich and high-quality images make the thumbnail more attractive while bold text is easy to read.

#5 Expression In Thumbnail Leads to Curiosity, Curiosity Is The Key

expression on youtube thumbnail
source : Nottingam Foreast on GIPHY

You may have observed that people make weird expressions in thumbnails. If the video is scary they would make a nervous and frightening expression. If something is funny they will make a laughing expression and much more. We usually think why the hell do they do it? But the simple answer is because it brings lots of views.

The expression works at a psychological level. Just by observing expression, our mind assumes what’s the other person’s state of mind. Similarly, when we see such expressions on thumbnails it makes us curious to know why they are doing it. And we end up watching the entire video.

So curiosity is the key that can drag anyone to click on your videos if done properly. Along with expression, there could be many ways to bring curiosity. Creativity can do its best.

#6 Compare Your Thumbnail with Others

Last but an easy way to improve your thumbnail skills is by comparing them with others. I know many of us will think that we should have a unique thumbnail Blah Blah…

But trust me you will know what is unique only when you see others’ thumbnails on YouTube.

Creating a thumbnail is also an experiment that you keep performing and analysing over time what works for your videos and what does not.


We just saw how these 5 simple tricks can be so helpful but It is not necessary to follow all of these tricks in your youtube thumbnail. If you have already built a good audience. Because they are your honest audience, they just love watching your content and do not care much about thumbnails.

The problem arises with the new audiences that do not know anything about you and your content so it is always a good approach to follow these tricks that would eventually improve your video’s visibility on youtube and will help you gain more subscribers.


How to make a youtube thumbnail on Mobile and Desktop/Laptop?

The easiest way to make a youtube thumbnail is by using Canva. It is a very convenient designing tool that is available on Web and Mobile App such as Android and iOS.

Should we create a Youtube shorts thumbnail?

Youtube does not show the thumbnail used by the content creator for shorts. But it is still preferable to create a thumbnail for every video you upload on Youtube.

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