Want to Stalk Instagram Story Anonymously?

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Instagram Stories are a popular way to showcase a collection of photos and videos that are only visible for 24 hours. Unless you purposely highlight the story in your profile. WhatsApp Status also works in a similar way, although you don’t have any option to retain your status in WhatsApp. You can take a sneak of anyone’s Instagram story being anonymous, without getting caught if you are smart and careful. And in this tech space article, we will be talking more about it.

The best part about Instagram Stories is that it gives you a way to express your life, thoughts, interest, achievement, accomplishments and much more. Without thinking about how others will be reacting, and anxiety about likes and comments, is it okay to put in my profile grid on Instagram? Because you know it is temporary and will disappear after 24 hours.

What’s different with Instagram Story posters is that they can see who is seeing them, which isn’t the case with a normal post. So if your crush or ex is posting stories and that is something you want to see within 24 hours without letting them know. What would you do?

Don’t worry you have a couple of options that we will go one-by-one.

Create a Dummy Account

This is one of the most common things nowadays. Although it does not look good to sneak with a creeping fake account also known as a finsta account. But if you don’t mind it, it serves the purpose.

You can navigate to anyone’s account by searching them through username or just the name and see their story and they won’t even know it was you.

There are a few drawbacks as well to this method.

  • The account you will be creeping should be a public account unless you need to request them to follow and then only you can view their account.
  • Make sure to create a totally separate fake account without adding any real email ids as there is a feature in Instagram to block not just an account but any account having the primary email address of the original account. So in case, you have been blocked this way you can get rid of this feature.

Turn on your Airplane Mode

Instagram preloads a few slides of the story without you viewing the story. So the second method would be to jump over their profile, turn on your aeroplane mode and click on the story. Since there is no internet available, your name will not popup up in their viewing list but you will be able to see only a couple of stories that are preloaded.

You can go out of their profile section and turn on your internet back.

View Story & Block Methodology

This is one of the tried and tested methods to avoid your name showing in the viewing list. What you need to do is, watch the entire story and block the person as soon as possible. In fact just after you viewed the entire story. Later after a day or two, you can unblock them and repeat the same process with every story.

But as you know everything has a drawback, Here if the other person viewed the list before you blocked them you will get busted. Secondly, if they notice your behaviour of blocking and unblocking, they will be even more pissed with it and might entirely block you.

Use third party apps

There are many apps available nowadays that full fills the need of stalking Instagram stories without them knowing. And trust me it is one of the easiest ways to creep someone.

This works perfectly fine with one main condition the person whom you want to stalk should have a public account.

Here is the list of tried and tested third-party apps available that work fine for anonymously viewing Instagram stories.

Hope you enjoyed reading it. Stay tuned to ConceptDive

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