Best 5 Google Maps Alternative Apps (2024)

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Google Maps Alternative Apps

Google Maps has become so popular that for most of us, it is a way-to-go application for all location-based services. And why not it has a bunch of services that make our lives so easy.

Who could have imagined that you could calculate the distance and travel duration for your destination before starting the trip? Or checking the road traffic that you might encounter while travelling the route. Feeling hungry? Why not just tap a few clicks to get the best restaurant near you?

There are ample use cases of Google Maps like these that make our lives hell easy.

Why look for a Google Maps Alternative?

Google Maps is a default location app on Android as it is owned by Google. And trust me you can’t even uninstall it. But that is not what we want to discuss today. Even though Google Maps is so convenient to use and loads with features. It always comes with privacy concerns.

Google’s reputation for privacy is not that great overall. Advertisement is a great chunk of way through which Google makes money. As per this news article in just Q2 2022, Google ad revenue made $56 billion, you can imagine how much money is at stake.

So if you are a person who is more concerned with privacy then you can quickly switch to the Google Maps alternative that we will be listing today.

1. Apple Maps


Unlike Google, Apple does not depend on the advertising business it is one of the most privacy-friendly companies and it mirrors this ideology in its products as well. Apple Maps has evolved a lot from its initial release in Sept 2012. And has left no stone to make itself as accurate as possible in terms of location-based services. But the downside is, that Apple Maps is limited to a few countries.

As of now, Apple Maps works best in 16 countries which include the United States, UK, Ireland, Canada, Spain, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Italy, Portugal, Vatican City, France, Monaco, Andorra, and San Marino.

Another thing to consider here is Apple Maps is only available on iOS devices. So if you are an iPhone user and belong to these 16 supported countries, then it is great for you. Else not to worry we have a lot more alternatives to cover.

2. Here WeGo

Here WeGo is a product of Here Technologies headquartered in the Netherlands. It was formerly known as Here Maps. Here WeGo is mostly known for its B2B in-car navigation service. Big giant automotive business like BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz uses Here WeGo navigation in their cars.

Along with its B2B Services, it also has millions of customers that prefer Here WeGo over any other navigation-based apps. Here WeGo is currently available in 200 countries, which means almost everywhere in the world.

It is loaded with features such as navigation, transport fare details, speed camera placements, nearby services, the fastest routes, and much more. It also works in offline mode, so you can archive the entire continent and use it without an internet connection.

Here WeGo is available on both Android and iOS.

3. OsmAnd

OsmAnd is another alternative to Google Maps. Its ability to work offline is one of the highlighting features of the OsmAnd app. Since it works completely offline, you don’t need a constant internet connection which saves a lot of money as well.

The main features of OsmAnd are a Map view that displays attractive locations, health, food, and more, a search of places through various ways, and various views such as touring, off-road, deserts, etc.

OsmAnd is a completely open-source project and is available on both Android and iOS.

4. OpenStreet Map

OpenStreet Map is another open source project like OsmAnd and it does not rely on advertising business and neither forces you to provide data. It is optional if you are generous you can. It is filled with all the basic mapping services that you would expect.

OpenStreet Map also supports offline maps so you can save the maps locally on your phone and use it whenever needed.

It is one of the amazing Google map alternatives and a lot user friendly as well. When it comes to privacy, OpenStreet Map respects it. There is also an option to request data removal whenever you want.

5. MapQuest

MapQuest is another great alternative. It is best suited for people using public transportation as it includes features such as finding the best public transport available at the desired location, you can directly book cabs from the app just like we have in Google Maps.

Advanced features such as traffic conditions, re-routing based on external conditions, various alerts related to weather reports, location sharing, accidents, and slow-down traffic are received.

MapQuest is available both on iOS and Android.

Bonus Google Map Alternative – Waze

Get to Know Waze

Waze is one of the popular and great alternatives to Google Maps, it was so popular that in 2013 it was acquired by Google itself. Although they have not deprecated the standalone app of Maze and is still available. But since it is owned by Google chances are high that it might use the user’s data and that is why we didn’t keep it in our best alternative list.

Waze comes with common alerts such as congestion, speed cameras, traffic, and more. It also offers handy information about nearby services. It allows you to even track users’ location in real-time.

Available on iOS, Android, and Desktop and works as a great alternative.

Does any Alternative app is better than Google Maps?

There are various alternatives available for Google Maps that are better in privacy. But if we talk about providing information, UI, and User Experience then the alternatives are far behind than Google Maps. And they will hardly be able to come close to it anytime soon.

The second thing to consider is with Location-based apps you already expose some crucial data with apps such as location, routes, etc to some extent. So no location-based app is fully private. Although offline maps could be more privacy friendly.

So if you are concerned about privacy you should opt for alternative apps. But if you wish to use the most accurate and leading location-based service app, better stay with Google Maps.

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