JPEG or PNG – Which Image Format Offers Better Quality?

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When it comes to images and their format, there are few popular image formats. Among them we have JEPG, JPG, PNG, GIF, etc. People often wonder whether JPEG, JPG or PNG is better. Which one makes images look nicer? Which image format has better quality? And which one has more image size? Let’s find out!

Is JPEG and JPG same?

It’s a common confusion, but JPEG and JPG are the same image format. JPEG stands for Joint Photographic Experts Group, while JPG is just a shorter version of it. Both terms mean the same thing and are used for storing digital photos.

Understanding JPEG and PNG

Before diving into the comparison of JEPG and PNG lets understand them one by one.

JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)

JPEG is one of the most popular image format that’s widely used across the globe. It uses Lossy compression which means it does not maintain in depth detailing in image. Thus it is able to achieve smaller file size and known for its compatibility across various platforms and devices.

Popular use cases of JPEG image would be Photographs, Web Images, Social media, Digital marketing, etc.

PNG (Portable Network Graphics)

PNG is an another most popularly known image format that’s heavily used all over the world. Unlike JPEG, PNG uses lossless compression, which means there will be no loss of image data.

Since there is no loss of image data, PNG is preferred choice when it comes to detailing. Graphics with sharp text, edges and color can is an ideal choice for PNGs.

The major advantage of PNG over JPEG is that it supports Alpha and Transparency, while JPEG does not. And the major disadvantage of PNG over JPEG is bigger file size.

Let’s Compare JPEG and PNG

1. PNG vs JPEG Quality Assessment

JPEG is a lossy compressed format which means when an image is compressed into JPEG format, it will lose the image data to some extent which will result in lack of detailing in the image. If we talk about Technical terms, it creates Compression Artifacts.

On the other hand, PNG is a lossless compressed file format. It means it stores all the detailing that an image captures just like the original content and does not compromise with quality.

So, In case of image quality PNG is better than JPEG.

2. Transparency and Alpha Support

PNG images can have transparency, which means you don’t need a solid color background all the time. This is super handy where you want the background to be transparent or carry a certain level of opacity. However, JPEG images do not support transparency or alpha.

When does Transparency matters a lot?

Transparency matters when it comes to brand logo or becomes handy while editing the image. If an image has a transparent background, it can be used with any other background color or variation as per the need.

So If you need any type of transparency in the image, better go with PNGs.

3. JPEG File Size vs PNG File Size

When it comes to size of the Image, most of the time JPEG images will be smaller in size that because it uses lossy compression technique that removes some of the image data to make the file smaller. PNGs, on the other hand, use a lossless compression method that keeps all the image data, which can result in larger file sizes.


JPEG vs PNG comparison

JPEG or JPG Format is a lossy compression format. It is usually smaller in size compared to a PNG image because it removes a few image data that gives more detailing to the Image. It does not support alpha or transparency which means you will always see some background with JPEG or JPG images.

JPEG or JPG could be a good choice in the case of Photographs, or web graphics where transparency is not required.

On the other hand PNG Format is a lossless compression format. It gives more detailing to the images and hence is usually larger in size compared to JPEG or JPG. It supports Transparency or Alpha factor which makes it more preferred than PNG in various scenarios.

PNG is a good choice for icons, logos, illustrations, and anything that has to deal with transparency.

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