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Find Restroom near me

Image you are in a public place and you want to go to pee. But you don’t know where you can find the clean and accessible toilets near you. What would you do? You will generally ask the people about it. But most of the time people as well don’t know much about the public toilets/restroom. Today we will be talking about How to find the Bathroom/Restroom/Toilet near you in a smarter way.

Find using Google Maps

Google Maps comes with a very convenient feature where you can find not just the address or the travel distance between two location but also services such as Hotel, Restaurants, Coffee shop, to more than 38 such services.

You can use Google Maps to find Restroom as well near your location.

Simply Open Google Maps and type “Restroom near me” in search section.

Restroom on google maps

If you don’t want to search in your location and want to search for some specific location where you visit. In that case just replace “near me ” with the location name e.g “Restroom in Potrero Hill” and it will show all the restroom for that specific location.

This can also be done using Google Assistant. Say “Ok Google” to activate the Google Assistant then say “Show me restroom near me” or “Show me the restroom near (Some location)”

Find using Apple Maps

Just like Google Maps, Open Apple Maps and search for “Toilets”, “Restroom” near me. The results will be full of Restroom in your location.

Ask Siri by saying “Find Restrooms near me” and it will list all the restroom to you.

Isn’t this the most convenient ways to access the essential service such as Restroom/Toilet/Bathroom what ever you call it in your country.

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