Top 10 Surprising Facts About Average Height Around the World

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Surprising facts about Average height around the world

Height is one of the most fascinating topics to talk about. It not only refers to how tall a person is but it also gives various other information about the person. Starting from looks, average height can tell us various factors such as where the person is living, their economic status, and even the most commonly known is their ethnicity or race. In this article, we will be uncovering the top 10 surprising facts about Average Height around the world and let’s see how many of them turn surprising for you.

1. Netherlands Has Been The Tallest Average Height country since 1957.

Netherlands tallest height

The Netherlands has always been consistently when we talk about the tallest average-height country worldwide. And this consistency is not lasting for the last few years or a decade. It’s a record of almost 60 years now. To be precise, Dutch holds the title for tallest average height men since 1958 and for women since 1957.

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2. South Korean Is The Fastest-growing People in terms of Height

south Korean people

South Korea has seen one of the most significant increases in average height over the past few decades. In the 20th century (1st January 1901 to 31st December 2000), South Korean men and women experienced height gains of around 8 inches (20 cm) and 7 inches (18 cm), respectively. This was the fastest record observed across the globe, making South Korea the fastest-growing-height country in the world.

3. Asia Is The Most Diverse Continent for Height

The Biggest continent on the planet Earth is home to a wide range of human average heights. I’m sure by this time you must have guessed we are talking about Asia. Asia has a wide range of height diversity within and between countries. For instance, people from countries like Japan and South Korea tend to be taller than those from Southeast Asian nations like Vietnam and Indonesia. Not just that racial diversity within Asia has also created a more diverse environment.

4. Developed Countries Are Taller than Developing Countries.

At first glimpse, this fact looks very weird. But If we calculate the average height of a developing country and the average height of a developed country then it theory makes more sense.

Yes, The Average height of Developed countries is taller than most of the Developing countries. This is because of the huge disparity that exists between these two types of nations.

Developed countries have access to better-quality foods that are high in nutritional value. While in developing countries, because of poverty people cannot afford quality food. Similarly, factors such as poor Healthcare facilities also affect the development of the body and hinder height growth.

5. Height Plays Important Role in Dating Life

height and dating

According to a study it is observed that on average, Women prefer men who are taller than them. If a man’s height is at least taller by 6 to 8 inches than a woman’s. The chances of women getting attracted to men get higher.

Oppositely on the other side, Men prefer women that are shorter to them or at least equal in height.

Now that does not mean Men do not like taller women or women do not like shorter men. But psychologically it creates an impression that the attraction for both of them will not be very high. Still don’t worry your case is something similar to it. Individual preferences may vary a lot from the general preferences.

6. Shorter People Lives More than Taller People

This shocking fact cannot be true for everyone. But if we talk about the general thesis. According to several research done in the past, It is observed that people who have shorter height lives longer lives than taller ones.

Why is this case? We don’t know the reasons yet. However, a general thought process says that taller people have elongated bodies as compared to shorter people. Hence they need a relatively higher degree of nutritional intake, workout and other physical activity to stay fit and strong.

7. Twins Usually have a Difference in their Height

Genetics is the backbone of everything including our looks. If we talk about Height a lot of height properties come from genetics only. But an interesting that’s observed across identical twins is that even if they look very similar, One child’s height will be taller than the other. And it’s not something we are talking about few children.

This disparity in the heights of identical twins is very common and plays one of the important facts in determining who is John Doe and Alex Doe.

Factors like nutrition, lifestyle chores, and even sporadic epigenetic differences can contribute to height differences among twins living in the same place and environment.

8. Can Taller Height give you Better Leadership Roles?

Can your taller height benefit you in your job role? Research has discovered an unexpected connection between height and leadership roles. It turns out that taller people tend to be chosen more often for leadership positions in different areas like politics, business, and entertainment.

This pattern is often called the “height advantage in leadership“. This term hints at the fact that height might unconsciously affect how competent, authoritative, and dominant people perceive someone to be.

9. We’ve grown taller

Don’t be confused here when we say we’ve grown taller. On average, Humans height including men and women in today’s time are usually taller than people of the last century. The Average height difference is around 4 inches (10 cm). Which means on average human height has grown by 4 inches.

What’s the secret of this growth?

Unfortunately, the secret is still the secret and there is no solid reason behind it. Experts believe that the change in height is because of access to quality nutritional food and fruits, better healthcare facilities, and more.

10. The Tallest Mobile Person is 8’3 ft while the Shortest Mobile Person is 2’16 ft

Tallest person and shortest person in the world

Note: A mobile person is someone who can stand and move independently. There have been other individuals documented throughout history who held the title of the shortest person, but some were categorized as non-mobile due to various medical conditions.

The Guinness World Record for the Tallest person in the world belongs to Sultan Kösen from Turkey. He has a height of 8 feet 3 inches (251 cm). Achieved the Guinness title in 2009 and is currently holding the same.

On the other side, The shortest mobile person in the world is Afshin Ghaderzadeh from Iran. His height is just 2 feet 1.68 inches (65.24 cm). He achieved the Guinness Title in December 2022.

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