Why Macbook Glowing Logo Was Removed?

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Macbook glowing apple logo

The Macbook running MacOS has always been powerful and consistently popular. It is something that everyone sought out for. And why not? It has an amazingly premium look and feel. Macbook’s slim design is the first noticeable thing that would come to mind. It makes the device distinct, which is scarce in other brands. And if we talk about performance then there is no doubt that Macbook excels among most laptops in the market.

If you aren’t a MacBook user by now, you will find it difficult to believe that a MacBook user feels very weird while using any laptop other than a Macbook. That’s such a user experience it offers. But one thing that every Macbook user or an Apple fan, in general, can relate to, is the glowing logo. The glowing logo has always been a trademark for Macbooks. Macbook no longer comes with its vintage glowing logo. In the article, we will discuss why Apple made up its mind to remove its popular Macbook glowing logo.

Almost a decade ago, Macbook had a beautiful Apple logo on its back that would light up like a white glowing Apple. The glowing logo was a unique concept at that time, it not only brought people’s attention but also enhanced the product value among people. Overall it was a good branding and marketing effort that helped bring brand awareness of the bitten Apple and its product.

white glowing apple logo
glowing apple logo

We got the idea how a glowing logo on Macbook looked like. But now we will be looking at How it worked under the hood.

The Laptop incorporates a screen panel that serves as a canvas for displaying content. This panel has a backlight that acts as a single light source. It not only takes care of display visibility but also its brightness.

In the context of the Macbook, the rear logo segment was essentially a hollow space within the rear body. The light that illuminated the Apple logo originated from the identical light source coming from the backlight.

Although the glowing logo was very attractive it had a major design flaw that came out with a slim Macbook. The logo cut allowed the backlight to empower the logo cut, but because of the slim body, it also allows the outer light sources to enter within the body. Thus many users started facing overlapping external shades on the screen display.

Let’s understand this. The glowing apple cut out had a light source that emits light from inside towards outside. But if you bring your Macbook in an open place especially when sunlight appears behind the laptop, a shade of light was observed over the screen.

This happened because sunlight intensity is stronger than the backlight, which is why it overshadows the light source and starts to throw an opposite shadow on the screen.

over shadow issue on macbook screen

Why Glowing Logo Was Removed?

Mainly there are four reasons why Apple decided to remove the glowing logo from its Macbook

Macbook Getting Slimmer And Better

Apple was experimenting to make its new Macbook more slimmer and better. The glowing logo on the rear side was part of the MacBook design for about two decades. But it was turning out to be a blocker for this new slimmer Macbook design. The design also had a hollow space which was extending the thickness to a considerable size along with making the new MacBook more fragile.

To Reduce Fragility

Although Macbook’s glowing logo was pleasant in looks. It had a hollow space that allowed the light source to come out. But as the newer Macbook had a slim body, such hollow space could prove disaster for it. It could make the device more fragile leading it to bend from that space.

To tackle this problem, the team considered using a metal body case over carbon fibre. It chooses an aluminium alloy body to strengthen and make it tough. But the problem of a glowing logo hollow space design could still dent its vision. So to overcome the complaint of consumers about the screen and to get rid of hollow space. Apple decided to remove the glowing Apple logo from Macbook.

To Fix the Overshadow Problem

Apple was bombarded with several consumers complaining about various marks on their Macbook displays while using them in the outdoor location. This not only made Apple revisit its two-decade-old vintage cutout but also gave them a good reason to remove it.

A New Era for Apple

The time when Apple launched the Glowing logo design on various devices, it was making its presence in various ranges of products. It was still proving its capabilities and building trust among users. So it required something that is blooming and showcasing the identity of the company. But around 2015, Apple was already recognized and probably the leading brand in all of its sections. So removing the glowing logo was also for Aesthetic reasons. It chooses a subtle way of branding

A few of the examples would be that they didn’t put the Apple logo on certain iMac products as it used to on the chin of the iMac. They didn’t give logos in the AirPods case like most of the manufacturers.

This is the new era of Apple where Apple does not require publicity, it already has a lot of it, and its devices are recognizable just by looking at the build quality and aesthetics.

And this is how the famous glowing Apple logo disappears from Macbook. The glowing logo design was replaced by the mirror glossy Apple logo design that is still there on the Macbook.

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