Looking to Buy followers? But Is it worth it?

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In this world of social media where everyone wants to be a glittering star. People judge your fame and popularity based on the followers you have gathered on the web. Then it could be Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and whatnot. In fact, the more followers you have the better chances are that you will be getting good deals, partnerships and business. Why does not, even the brand want to expand its reach where ever possible?

But let’s be real how much time does it takes to grow followers organically in today’s competitive world? Definitely a lot more than a couple of years back. And this will continue to rise as more and more people have a similar goal with the evolution of Tiktok, Shorts and reels.

So you start searching on Google for some inorganic ways to increase followers. And you end up seeing sites which state something like these “Get free Instagram followers ” or “100% real followers”.

Just in case you are not aware, these are nothing but the sites that offer followers for your social media. It could be youtube, Instagram, Twitter etc. And trust me they do this using mostly bots even though they would emphasise it to be the real accounts.

Introduction to Social Bots

Bots are nothing but Algorithm based or AI-powered programs that are partially or completely controlled by humans. And are designed for specific purposes. Social bots are also the same as other bots, the only difference is it is used specifically for social platforms in various forms. Such as liking a specific post, commenting on a specific post, video, or photo or following an account, etc.

Just Imagine you were looking for some miraculous way to grow your social followers exponentially and you found it. The icing on the cake is that the process to gain followers is as simple as clicking a few buttons.

There are many sites that provide this service at a minimal cost. You just need to add a few details such as your username or profile link, and the no of followers that needs to be added to the profile concluding with some payment. That’s it you are done.

In fact, you may find many people on Instagram and Facebook selling this offer directly via DM’s.

Step by Step guide – Increase Followers using Social Bots

Using Social bots to gain followers is a simple process and has no rocket science. You just need to follow a few steps and you are done. Today we will be looking into the entire process step-by-step.

Step 1: Open the browser and search for keywords such as ‘Get Instagram followers’. You can also use other platform names that you would like to experiment on.

Step 2: Results will show various websites related to buying followers. Some will even pop up even in Google Search ads as sponsored results.

Step 3: Choose any of the websites based on your choice and due diligence. As there is never a surety with such websites and their services.

Step 4: Once you click on any site, you will get few fields to fill which would look something similar to this

Step 5: Some websites also offer small followers to test out the functionality and then you can opt-out of their paid plan.

Advantage and DisAdvantage of Buying Followers

Buying an Instagram or social followers has many advantages and disadvantages that we will be discussing today.


  • Increases your followers count very rapidly – Without any doubt, we can clearly see that using such services to buy followers can inflate our followers count rapidly.
  • Improves the profile appearance – Whether you like to talk or not, the higher the number of followers you have on your profile, the better it appears for the audience, platform algorithm and businesses.


  • Increases Followers but engagement remains flat – Even though buying followers will help you to increase your followers in no time. But there is no point if they do not show any engagement on your posts. And this is the major disadvantage that comes with buying followers. Just imagine you have 10k followers but the likes and comments you get are hardly 100 likes and 20 comments.
  • Doesn’t boost self-confidence – Organic followers boost self-confidence and give you a sense of value for yourself. But this isn’t the case with buying followers. Because you already know it’s a fake number and you are trying to look like something that you are not.
  • Anti Spam policies of Social Platforms – Social platforms like youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are already fighting against fake accounts and bots. And when they will detect such activity within the account, they might discard all the followers or even suspend your account.

So is it really worth to buy followers?

The straight answer is a big No.

Because you would hardly earn anything by buying followers even though your follower count will be high. This is because paid followers don’t have any actual interest in your life. They are either fake or bot-driven accounts that is been created only to follow others. But the actual followers have a real interest in your content and thus they will naturally show an engagement.

In fact, the downside is buying followers will show you in the wrong light. The way it has become so easy to increase the followers, it has also become terrifically easy to detect it. So without wasting time, focus on the organic growth of the audience. And in the long run, it will eventually be the best decision you would have ever made.

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