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Hashtags were initially introduced to make it easier for people to find content they’re interested in. Not only that but it also helps the post to reach a wider audience. When you use hashtags, you are kind of organizing the post into categories. This makes it easier for someone with similar interest to discover. Plus, they’re a great way to connect with folks who might not have stumbled upon your posts otherwise. So, let’s dive into the top 10 most popular hashtags on Instagram without any delay.

most used hashtags on Instagram

10. #picoftheday (729M)

When we use the hashtag #picoftheday in an Instagram post, we want to share something really standing out photo. Basically its a picture that captures the essence of our day.

It’s like picking the cherry on top of the cake. Because cherry is the first thing that gains our focus. The is no specific Instagram trendy rules that define when to use which hashtag but a hashtag names says it all.

Capturing a stunning sunset, precious time with loved once, or a delicious meal with your friends. Whatever is your highlighting pic that captures your focus, it basically means it deserve the hashtag #picoftheday. Yeah you can say “This is it! This is the highlight of my day.”

Using this hashtag not only helps our post get noticed among the sea of content but also allows us to share our favorite moments with our followers. So, whether we’re exploring new places, trying new things, or simply enjoying the little joys of everyday life, #picoftheday is our go-to tag for sharing the highlight reel of our day.

9. #nature (806M)

beautiful nature

#nature as the name suggest it is all about natural beauty that surprises you have an essence of nature mother.

Going on a trip with friends in the valleys of a majestic mountain vista, a tranquil forest scene, or even a close-up shot of a delicate flower. #Nature is our way of connecting with the outdoors and celebrating the wonders of the earth.

Just like a digital love letter to Mother Nature, expressing our awe and gratitude for the stunning landscapes and diverse ecosystems that surround us. Whether we’re exploring remote wilderness areas or simply enjoying a stroll in the local park, #nature reminds us to appreciate the magic of the great outdoors and inspires others to do the same.

Used in around 806 millions post, #nature is the 9th most used hashtag on Instagram.

8. #beautiful (838M)

We use #beautiful hashtag in an Instagram post when we want to highlight something that we find visually stunning or emotionally uplifting.

It could be a again anything like breathtaking landscape, a gorgeous sunset, a stunning piece of artwork, or even a heartfelt moment shared with loved ones.

Many of us will get confused that #beautiful can only be used in context of a women. It is a way of expressing appreciation for the little joys and wonders that make life special.

Think of it as a round of virtual applause, cheering on the beauty that’s all around us, every single day. Whether we’re snapping shots of breathtaking landscapes or just sharing bits and pieces of our own lives, #beautiful is a little nudge to stop and appreciate the loveliness that fills our world.

It is the 8th popular hashtag on Instagram used more than 838 million times in the post.

7. #art (1B)

#art is not about about describing art but it is also the 7th most popular instagram hashtag.

In general sense it is obviously used to describes painting, a sculpture, a digital illustration, or any form of creative expression.

Many people create their profile as portfolio or even create a seprate page for their art work to showcase.

Using this hashtag not only helps our posts reach a wider audience of art lovers but also allows us to connect with fellow artists and enthusiasts from around the world. So, whether we’re creating masterpieces or simply admiring them, #art is our bridge to a vibrant and thriving artistic community on Instagram.

6. #photography (1B)

Photographers love Instagram! #photography is the 6th most popular hashtag worldwide. It’s a great way to show off your skills, no matter what kind of shoot you’re doing. While fancy DSLR cameras are popular, you don’t necessarily need one. In fact, mobile photography is huge too,

It could be a photography of a model, city high rise, mountain landscape or a bird. Anythings that tick the checkbox that a photographer will do can be given the hashtag #photography. Using this hashtag not only boosts the visibility of our posts among those who appreciate great photography but also lets us explore and draw inspiration from the work of others.

5. #photooftheday (1B)

Just like 10th popular hashtag #picoftheday, #photooftheday has the similar vibes and ranks as 5th most popular hashtag. #photooftheday is been used 1 billion times on instagram.

Coming to the context of this hashtag what we talked about #picoftheday everything belongs to the #photoftheday. Then you might be thinking why two different hashtags? Well the answer is simple, everything can be described in various ways. Some say it as ‘pic of the day’ other who does not use the word ‘pic’ will call it ‘photooftheday’.

4. #fashion (1.1B)

Hashtag #fashion is the 4th most used hashtag. It has been used over 1.1 billion times on Instagram.

When to use #fashion?

You can use the hashtag to flaunt your fashion sense or to share something related to clothing, accessories, or trends on Instagram.

#fashion is more about the fashion enthusiast that focuses on clothes, footwear and even makeups. It could be as simple as flaunting the killer outfit you wore, get some inspiration from fashion gods or sharing your takes about fashion and how to perceive it.

And the best part about using #fashion is that it lets you connect with fellow fashion enthusiasts and opens the door for the world to discover you and your fashion ideas.

3. #instagram (1.2B)

What’s the 3rd most popular hashtag? Any guesses? It’s none other than #Instagram itself, #instgarm is been used in over 1.2 billion posts. That’s a massive number.

When we use #Instagram in the post, it basically means that we want to connect with the wider Instagram community or highlight something that’s special about the platform. It could be anything from sharing a new feature, giving a shoutout to fellow Instagrammers, or simply acknowledging that we’re posting content on this platform.

Adding #Instagram helps our posts get noticed by folks searching for content related to the platform. Also it’s a way to show some love for the awesome community that Instagram has made across the globe.

Whether we’re sharing tips and tricks, celebrating milestones, or just goofing around, #Instagram is the hashtag we should defiantly consider to use.

2. #instagood (1.7B)

#instagood takes the cake as the second most popular hashtag on Instagram, with over 1.7 billion posts under its belt. But what is instagood?

It is simple way of saying “Hey, Listen this is something good on instagram”. Again just like the other hashtag there is no specific rules. Use it what makes you feel good about the instagram and its wide variety of posts.

Using #instagood is all about spreading the positivity and sharing the joyfullness.

Think it like giving a virtual high-five to whatever brightens your day and you are inviting others to see what was that. So, the next time you think of something that puts a smile on your face, don’t forget to add instagood and spread those good vibes far and wide!

1. #love (2.1B)

Without a doubt #love is the most popular Instagram hashtag used in more than 2.1 billion posts. We use the #love hashtag when we want to share moments filled with warmth and affection. Love is the symbol of warmth and affection towards other.

You should use #love when you want to show the affection towards loved one, family, friends, pets and more. Whether you use love to it’s celebrate achievements, spreading positivity, or supporting important causes, it adds a touch of heart to our posts.

Using #love is like sending out a virtual hug to our followers, reminding everyone to cherish the love and happiness in their lives.


Which Hashtag is best for Instagram?

There is nothing called best when we talk about Hashtags. In fact hashtags is used to increase the post visibility by showcasing it to new audiences looking for relevance post. But if you are looking for the most popular hashtags then #love is the most popular, most used hashtags on Instagram.

Which hashtags get most likes?

No hashtag can guarantee to get highest likes as hashtags is not about the getting most likes but its about being relevant. Although if you think that the most popular hashtag means most likes then #love is the most liked hashtag.

What are 3 popular Hashtags?

#love, #instagood, #instagram are the top three most popular hashtags as of 2024.

What does # mean?

The ‘#’ symbol is used for ample of purposes worldwide. But in the world of Instagram it is used to denote Hashtags. Hashtags are used to set a category for the post.

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