Benefit & Advantages of iPhone. What is so attractive?

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Mobile phones have become an important part of our lives. Whenever we go, wherever we go we have our phones with us. It is no more a device only for communication, it has also become a source of entertainment, learning, and much more. When it comes to buying a phone, an iPhone is on everyone’s wish list. Although there could be multiple reasons why a person would not end up buying an iPhone. But the most common reason would obviously be the cost. Still, they would love to buy it someday. But the question is why? Let’s understand the benefit & advantages of iPhone. What makes it so attractive?

Today we will discuss in detail what are the benefits of the iPhone. And its advantages against any other android phone.

Impressive Design, Tough build quality

The iPhone has maintained its legacy of great design and premium built quality. Starting from iPhone 1 in 2007 to the latest iPhone 14 Pro max that launched this month (Sept 2022).

It has always surprised its customers with the look and feels it offers along with great build quality that could sustain the impact of minor falls, water damage, and much more.

You won’t find any over-exposed funky designs or tag lines on the iPhone that many other brands keep experimenting with. They keep their designs very neutral so that they can be used by any person of any age.

Another advantage of the iPhone is the design. Which is very stable. This means you won’t find very frequent drastic changes in the designs compared to any android phones. Mostly it means if they have adopted designs they keep them for a while.

Best Industry standard Camera

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The camera is one of the most important things people consider nowadays before buying a phone. In this department, there are various flagship phones that could be argued to offer better camera specs on paper than the iPhone.

But when it comes to delivering quality in real life, you won’t find much difference with iPhone. In Fact, there will be ample times when the iPhone overshadows the other camera flagship phones. Be it a video recording or capturing photos. Giving you another benefit of the iPhone.

Optimised and Powerful User experience

There is no doubt that there are many Android phones with various brands such as Samsung, ONEPLUS, Oppo, Mi, etc. While on the other side in iOS there is only one brand Apple iPhone.

So even if Android tries to improve its user experience or introduce a new feature, various brands will tweak those features in various forms based on their needs before offering them to users.

Thus here Android does not have full control over user experience. And this is also a problem for Mobile App developers as some things might work on one device while it will break on the other one. Devices in Android also use different hardware which makes it incomparable in terms of the same user experiences across all the Android devices.

But with Apple, these issues are sidelined because Apple has full control of its iOS and hardware. And thus there is no doubt, the user experience will be more likely great.

Apple iPhone gives you the benefit of a very clean and attractive iOS UI that enriches the user experience and gives it a premium feel.

Issues such as Apps getting hanged are very less likely to happen with the iPhone even if multiple apps are running in the background. As Apple is known for a very optimized multitasking experience even with the old iPhones having very less RAM.

iPhone also comes with the industry’s best high-performance Bionic chips every year which is an another advantage of iPhone over other phones, which keep no room for the competitor


It wouldn’t be incorrect to say that iPhone has always been a trendsetter in the smartphone industry. There are many features such as capacitive touchscreen, Siri – Virtual Assistant, Fingerprint sensor, Screen Notch and now Dynamic Island etc which are all introduced by iPhone to the world and other brands just followed it.

iPhone – The Brand

After several years of the mobile industry, the iPhone has evolved into one of the best premium brands.

You must have heard similar lines from people “if I had to pay this much amount for a phone why wouldn’t I buy an iPhone”. Such lines show how big the iPhone has become as a brand. People see more worth it buying an iPhone at a higher price than any other phone.

There are people that see iPhones as a symbol of their status in society or to show how successful they are in life. No doubt why old iPhones are still being purchased at high rates.


Apple iPhone is a set of all the good things that a smartphone should have. There are other smartphones with a very good camera or display but they usually fail to provide the same quality in every department of a smartphone.

iPhone tries to maintain its quality in all sections and no doubt they charge you a good amount for it. So this is how you get benefit & Advantages of using iPhone

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