Lunar Hair Care: Cutting Hair on Full Moon for Better Growth

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As you have already read the title and are excited to know more about it, trust me I had the same feeling when I got to know about this lunar hair care theory. How cutting hair on a full moon can help in better growth of hair? Such questions were already popping into my brain.


Man or woman, hair is always an essential part of an appearance. We always want healthy, silky and shiny hair over our heads. But let’s be honest everyone faces some kind of hair problem at some stage of their lives. And we always keep searching for a new way to fix our hair problems and get the ideal keratin shaft over our scalp.

So today we will be looking at an interesting regime called Lunar Haircare. We will see how cutting hair on a full moon is considered the best time to cut hair that helps in hair growth.

What Lunar Hair Care Says

According to the lunar hair care theory, the moon goes under several phases each month, the phases of the moon play a very important role in hair’s health and its growth.

If you cut your hair in the waxing phase, the hair will grow faster. If you cut your hair in the waning phase, it will grow slower. And if you cut your hair on a full moon day then it will make your hair thicker.

To understand this theory, let’s learn more about the phases of the moon.

Phases of Moon

phases of moon for hair growth
phases of moon

Moon undergoes 8 phases in a month which include New Moon, Waning Crescent, Third Quarter, Waning Gibbous, Full Moon, Waxing Gibbous, First Quarter, and Waxing Crescent.

Now don’t try to remember all the phases it would be difficult to remember. But the important point to understand is:-

The overall transition from a Waning crescent to Waning Gibbous as shown in the diagram is termed as Waning. Similarly, the entire transition from Waxing Gibbous to Waxing Crescent is termed Waxing.

Explanation of Lunar Hair Care Theory

In plants and trees, if you observe, the dead parts sap all the nutrients from healthy parts keeping less room for the healthy parts to grow. Thus there is very common practice to cut down the dead part. So that the healthy parts can grow better.

Similarly we humans also have hair that keeps growing. But the outer hairs that we see are actually dead. And due to various environmental stress, it turns more unhealthy even in appearance. So we keep trimming our hair to maintain healthy hair and growth in hair.

The best time to cut hair is on a full moon day. As it is believed that if we cut our hair on a full moon day then the upcoming hair will grow stronger and thicker.

On the other hand, if you cut your hair while waxing of the moon, the hair will grow faster and if you cut while waning then it will grow slower.

Why did People believe in the Lunar Hair Care theory?

It is widely believed that the moon controls growth. It not only affects the seawater with low and high tides. But also has an impact on our body, mind and even hair growth. This belief is also backed by astrology which makes it more impactful for people to believe.


Understanding the lunar hair regime was definitely an interesting topic. Although there is not much scientific evidence available about it. So the question arises should you believe in it? The answer is it’s up to you.

But my thoughts would be that if you are a person who likes to explore and try new things then you should definitely give try to follow. The best part of this theory is there is nothing much to lose.

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