Major Benefits of Deadlift You Should Know

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The expert says if squats are the king of exercise then deadlifts are the queen. No doubt Deadlift is one the most important exercise in any strength training program. It is used widely across athletes, bodybuilders, and a common population with various fitness and performance goals. In this article, we will discuss the major benefits of deadlifting that it offers to our body and mind.

Before moving forward and understanding the benefits of deadlifting, let’s understand what is a Deadlift.

What is Deadlift?

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The Deadlift is a weightlifting exercise that involves lifting the weight from the ground to the waist level. It is considered as the exercise that allows lifting maximum weight than any other free-weight exercise of the same caliber.

Deadlift exercises require bending over with the lower back, head straight, and weight as close as possible to the body. The barbell should be in a straight line with the hand.

It was initially referred to as a ‘Deadweight lift‘ which meant that the weight was heavy and was considered Dead and Immovable. But over time, the name got shortened to ‘Deadlift‘.

Since we got to know what a is Deadlift, Let’s move forward with understanding the Major Benefits of Deadlifting.

5 Major Benefits of Deadlift

#1 Trains Multiple Muscle Groups

This compound exercise works on several muscle groups including the Hamstrings, Glutes, Back, Core, Hips, and Trapezius. Most of these muscles are commonly targeted muscles in fitness programs as they give an attractive shape to the body along with being highly functional in use.

#2 Get rid of Lower Bone density

With aging, our bones are likely to be affected by lower bone density issues. This means with increasing age, the risk of fractures increases significantly which could also lead to other health conditions such as Osteoporosis.

But luckily various research has suggested that weight and resistance training has a beneficial impact on bone density loss. It can slow down the process of density loss or can even stop and reverse the condition as well. And fortunately, the deadlift is one such example of exercise.

#3 Strengthen the Core

The Core of the body is said to be Core because it is an important centric part of the body, that connects the upper and lower body. Training the core is a key aspect of a fitness program.

The best part is various exercises focus on strengthening the core muscles such as Plank, Crunch, etc. However, research says that free-weight exercise such as a deadlift is a good way to strengthen the core that functions in stabilizing the erector spine, rectus abdominus, and external oblique.

#4 Improves Metabolism

If you are looking to lose weight, then you need to improve your metabolism. It simply means the calorie consumption in the body should be less than the calories that are burned. This is only possible if we make dietary changes that would reduce calorie consumption and changes in physical activity and exercises that would burn more calories.

A Deadlift is considered one of the most efficient resistance training exercises for improving metabolism and achieving weight loss. Along with this, it will also give you muscle growth that would help in burning more calories over time.

Relieve Lower back pain

With ageing, common problems such as pain in the lower back hit people’s life if they are not fit. There could be several reasons behind this but one of the most common ones is not doing exercise and improper postural habits which would result in back pain over time.

But if you are suffering from mild mechanical back pain then as per research, deadlifts can be very effective. It helps in reducing back pain and can also reverse it. Bone density loss can also result in lower back pain which can be tackled with resistance training such as the deadlift.

Other Benefits of Deadlift

The benefits that we saw above are some of the major deadlift benefits but some benefits could be subjective as well which are these.

Simplicity in Exercise

The Deadlift is a simple exercise that works on the movement of your body. You just need a barbell with weights as per your requirement and a steady movement of your weights from ground to waist level. It is also a minimalist free-weight exercise.

Less Risk of Failed Attempt

It helps you to lift the maximum weight possible without positioning the weight over the top of your body. Thus in the case of any failed attempt that you had, you can simply drop the weight on the ground safely without risking yourself.

While in the case of Bench press or Back squat exercises, without a trainer or a second person looking after your reps, the heavyweight can simply fall over, crushing you.


The Deadlift is a simple and minimalist compound exercise that focuses on various muscles altogether. It is very beneficial for achieving fitness and performance goals. The other thing that needs to be taken care of while performing deadlifts is to make sure of correct postures which is very important.

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