Tea Tree Essential Oil benefits for healthy Skin, hair and Nail

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Tea tree essential oil is very popular when it comes to combating acne problems but do you know it has several more benefits for skin, hair and nails which is why it is so much popular among people from the beauty world and numerous brands use it as an ingredient? But in this wellness article, we will be talking about the day-to-day uses of tea tree oil and its benefits.

What is Tea Tree Essential Oil?

Melaleuca alternifolia also .known as Tea tree
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Tea tree essential oil comes from an Australian native plant named Melaleuca alternifolia commonly known as the Tea tree. It is traditionally used as medicine for centuries by the Aboriginal people of Australia. Aboriginal people are one of the native Australian tribes that lived in Australia when the European arrived in the Australian land.

7 Useful Benefits of Tea Tree for Skin, Hair and Nail

1. Combat Skin Acne Problems

Acne is usually caused when impurities and dirt get clogged into the skin pores blocking the oil excretion within the skin pores. Tea tree oil helps in lifting dirt, and impurities from the skin and fights bacteria with its anti-bacterial properties. It does not just help in getting rid of acne problems but also helps to prevent it from appearing in future if used regularly.

2. Lightens the Skin Dark spot

Tea tree oil is enriched with lightening effects that help to reduce the appearance of skin scars that cause discolouration in the skin, and dark spots as well as help to get rid of hyperpigmentation.

3. Promotes Hair Growth

Tea tree oil works as a tonic for hair problems. It increases blood circulation in the scalp and stimulates hair follicles for healthy hair growth. Tree oil also works on scalp inflammation with its anti-bacterial properties. Use a few drops of tea tree oil with any carrier oil you wish it could be Argan oil or coconut oil. Make sure to not use tea tree oil without carrier oil as it can cause irritation in the scalp.

4. Helps in curing Nail Fungus, Skin infections

Along with anti-bacterial properties, Tea tree oil is also a great contender for anti-fungal properties. Fungal infections in nails, toes, and between the fingers are so common that in the rainy season you would notice several people complaining about their fungal infection. While the infection is not dangerous but is unpleasant to look at.

This essential oil helps to cure fungal infections. Dilute the tea tree oil with a carrier oil such as coconut and pour it over the infection.

5. Moisturises Dry skin

Moisturising the skin is necessary for the skin to be healthy, especially in winter. When we use a skin moisturizer, we provide the necessary moisture to the skin which makes the skin soft and healthy. Dry skin tends to become rough and unhealthy.

Tea tree oil works as a natural skin moisturizer for your skin that can nourish the skin with benefits and reduce skin itching and irritation. Not just on body skin it also helps in fighting dry scalp and getting rid of dandruff. Not to forget it can also be used on the beard as beard oil.

6. Will reduce any inflammation on Skin and Scalp

Inflammation on the skin can cause redness, itchiness, and irritation. Scalp inflammation can also lead to hair loss and various other hair problems. With anti-inflammatory benefits, this essential oil can help to cool down inflammation by reducing redness, inflammation and swelling.

Not just that it also helps to get neutralize the effect of inflammation and gives us smooth skin back.

7. Works as AntiSeptic on Skin Cuts and Uplifts Wound Healing

Tea tree oil can be used as an antiseptic on small skin cuts and wounds. Its anti-bacterial properties help in killing bacteria around the wounds and cuts which promotes faster skin healing. It can be used as an alternative to any other anti-septic and should be the part of First Aid box.

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Tea tree oil comes with several benefits for nails, skin, hair and overall health if used appropriately. Being an inexpensive essential oil and highly beneficial it is widely used all around the world.

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