Top 3 Facial Exercises (Face Yoga) for Chubby Cheeks

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Face Exercises for Chubby Cheeks

Yoga is an ancient and easy way to improve various aspects of your health, like blood circulation, flexibility, strength, and posture. Surprisingly, yoga can also contribute to enhancing your beauty. One specific aspect is Face Yoga, also called Face exercise or Face workout. In this series, we’ll explore different aspects of face yoga. Let’s begin with the first part, which focuses on Face Exercises for Chubby Cheeks. These exercises can help reduce fat on your cheeks, making them appear lifted and toned.


Face Yoga involves facial massage and expressions to boost blood circulation in the face. This practice helps tone facial muscles and stimulate collagen production, leading to the development of new and youthful skin.

If you have excess fat on your cheeks, causing your face to appear dull and unappealing, incorporating cheek-lifting face yoga exercises into your routine can transform your cheeks into a toned and attractive feature over time.

Before you begin these exercises, it’s essential to clean your face and apply moisturizer to protect your skin from any potential side effects.

Face Reboot

Since we frequently make facial expressions throughout the day, it’s crucial to return to a neutral state, resetting our facial expressions before engaging in any exercises. This practice helps relax the skin and enhances the effectiveness of our session.

To reboot your face, follow these steps: Keep your head straight, close your eyes, and focus on the point on your forehead between your eyebrows. Maintain a slight smile on your face during this process.

Perform this for 2 minutes and you are ready to perform your face yogi stuff

1st Excercise – Fish Face

Fish face exercise for cheeks

This face exercise is quite straightforward. Just squeeze your cheek, mimicking a fish, as demonstrated in the picture.

Maintain this position for 2 minutes and then release. Repeat this at least 3 times.

This exercise targets your cheek muscles, strengthening them. With regular practice, it aids in reducing unnecessary fat from the cheek area, promoting a more toned appearance.

2nd Excercise – Massage Cheek and Face Skin upside

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With time, elasticity in the facial skin gets reduced, and forces such as gravitation force play a major in loose skin. This leads to wrinkles on the skin below the eyes and cheek and we fancy call it Aging.

Thus we can recover most of our skin’s elasticity if we make a habit of massaging our face and cheek bottom-to-top. This is opposite to the habit of massaging the face top-to-bottom that we usually do. We generally have a habit of forcing the face skin in a top-to-bottom approach such as using face cream or rubbing the face against the towel.

Thus any moment done on the opposite side (bottom-to-up)will be beneficial for the skin in the long run.

3rd Excercise – Cheek Pinch

Cheek pinch face exercise

There are a couple of ways to perform this exercise. Begin by using two fingers and a thumb. Lightly pinch your cheek area for 2 minutes, and then wait for a minute.

Next, use only two fingers (without the thumb) and gently push your cheek area upward.

Finally, with your entire palm, rub your cheek and the entire face from the bottom to the top in an upward direction.


Regular practice of these cheek face yoga exercises will lead to significant improvements, making your cheeks more toned, uplifted, healthy, and naturally contoured. It’s important to note that there are no fixed exercises in face yoga, so we will continue to update the face yoga list for cheeks with additional exercises in the future.

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