Is Fasting a good way to detoxify?

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fasting good to detoxify

Fasting has always been there in society in one way or the other. People do fasting mostly for two reasons. The first is when they are concerned about their body weight and want to do weight loss. While the second reason is for the purpose of worship, religious or cultural events.

But Have you ever wondered how fasting affects our bodies? Let’s find out.


Fasting has always been a boiling topic when it comes to body weight, nutrition and wellness. Fasting is directly linked with weight loss, fat reduction, and a toned body. But it has several other benefits that we will be looking at. We will also cover how fasting is good and whether is it safe for our bodies.

How fasting works in detoxification

Our body already has a system designed for the purpose of detoxification. Organs such as the liver, and kidney continuously work to eliminate any toxins or waste from the body. Thus there is really no necessity to go fasting in order to detoxify. A person normally requires to have a good nutritional diet, eliminate smoking or drinking habits, and have a good 6 to 8 hours of sleep and exercise.

But if you are looking to voluntarily participate in the process of detoxification then you can look out for fasting.

Research has suggested that fasting has several health benefits.

Starting with weight loss and fat reduction. And it sounds logical as well. If you won’t eat anything how can you gain more weight? This means you are intaking fewer calories than your normal diet. This means over a longer horizon, your body will start cutting body fats to fulfil your calorie requirements, resulting in weight loss.

Likely people eat thrice a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is a fact that eating food gives us energy and the required nutrition. But because of food, our body is mostly engaged in the process of digestion and absorption of food. Which also means less time for recovery, and body cell repair. Thus because of fasting our body gets some ME time. So it can enhance its ability to detoxify, repair body cells and stabilize the internal body condition.

Fasting also helps in controlling sugar levels, cholesterol, inflammation, insulin etc. And the best part is it also slows down the ageing process to some extent.

Is Fasting safe?

Fasting is usually safe if it is performed in a balanced manner. A new fasting regime that has involved and is becoming popular these days is intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting as the name suggests is nothing but a pattern of fasting in which you eat for a certain time and then fast for some specific time. And it works in a simultaneous way.

16/8 intermittent fasting is one of the popular types of intermittent fasting and is safe as well. In 16/8, you limit all the calorie intake either in the form of food or beverages to 8 hours. After which you keep a calorie fasting for 16 hours. While calorie-free liquid such as water or plain tea coffee is allowed during fasting time.


Fasting is safe and a good way to detoxify your body. While you fast, you also allow the body to repair its cells and improvement. The only thing people need to be sure of while fasting is to have a balanced fasting plan. Longer hours of fasting without a proper plan can be dangerous for the body.

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