Masturbation? Myths, Benefits, And More

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Masturbation has always been a topic of interest, some take it as a taboo for discussion while others are okay to share their thought. But in any case, it is always loaded with myths and misunderstandings that have endured for centuries. In this article, we’ll explore what is masturbation in general, all the myths related to it as well as benefits and side effects with science-based insights.

What is Masturbation?

Masturbation is a natural and common sexual activity in which individuals stimulate their own sex organs (genital) for sexual pleasure. It is a private and personal experience and is practiced by people of all genders and age groups worldwide.

Bursting The Myths Of Masturbation

When we talk about Masturbation, several Myths have always been associated with it for centuries. Let’s cover some of the popular Myths and understand how correct they are

Myth 1: Masturbation Leads to Calorie Burn or Can Make You Skinny

calorie burn

The idea that masturbation can burn significant calories is actually incorrect. While it is true that engaging in sexual activity can temporarily elevate the heart rate and increase energy loss, the amount of calories burned during masturbation is very minimal.

For example, if we consider a person weighing 175 pounds (79 kg approx), they would burn around a minimum of 5 – 6 calories per session of masturbation. On the other side they could easily burn 200 calories with 40 minutes of partner sex and foreplay. Thus this clarifies that calorie burn due to masturbation is not significant and cannot contribute to weight loss. So don’t think about cancelling your gym membership, this is a bad idea.

Myth 2: Hormones Released While Masturbation Good for WeightLoss

Certain supporters of this misconception propose that the release of hormones like endorphins and oxytocin during sexual activity could potentially affect weight. While it is true that these hormones play a role in influencing mood and pleasure, their impact on weight is not so major that it would result in weight loss or notable alterations in body composition.

Myth 3: It Increases Metabolism?

Another myth suggests that Masturbation increases metabolism, potentially resulting in gradual weight loss. However, it’s crucial to note that there is no scientific evidence to substantiate this claim. Metabolism is predominantly influenced by factors such as genetics, age, muscle mass, and overall physical activity. On the other hand, Masturbation is an occasional activity and does not exert a significant or lasting influence on metabolism

Myth 4: It Can Lower Sperm Count?

Masturbation does not have any relation with Sperm Count. Hence it cannot not cause lower sperm count or condition such as Azoospermia where there is no sperm in semen. On the other side it releases stress and gives you relaxation, deep sleep and promotes healthy relationship.

Although If you are planning to conceive (planning for baby), then it is more better that you masturbate less often. Masturbating less will help you to throughput more semen on ejaculation while having sex with partner. Which increase the chances of getting pregnant.

Myth 5: Masturbation Cause Hair Loss?

There is no scientific evidence that Masturbation or excessive Masturbation can cause Hair loss. But there are several believes in regards to this such as

  1. Semen contains High level of Protein and other nutrients, but with every jerk off we waste all the protein and nutrients which could essentially be used to benefit Hair and Hair Growth.
  2. Many believes that Masturbation increase Testosterone, which also increases Dihydrotestosterone (Androgen linked with Hair Loss in many people). Thus Masturbation leads to Hair Loss.

For the First theory, It is correct that Protein level in Semen is high and with each session we waste the nutritional components. But because of the lack of any evidence, we cannot be sure that it causes Hair loss.

In regards to the Second Theory, Fortunately there was a study done in 2001 that showed adult who didn’t masturbate for 3 weeks showed an increase in Testosterone. So the second theory is completely incorrect.

Myth 6: Masturbation A Sin? (Religious Views)

After a bit of research on various religious text, it is evident that every religious people have a different view on masturbation but there is hardly any religious textual that specifically talks about Masturbation.

The commonality that was found in Bible and other religious textual is that Masturbation itself is not considered a sin, but the problem lies in the sexual fantasies (considered as a sin) that along with Masturbation.

Benefits of Masturbation

Women in a happy psychology

Masturbation comes with several physical and psychological benefits that we will be talking now

Helps to Relieve from Stress

Masturbation is also called as stress buster as it helps to unload the stress and provide relaxation and calmness. Organism after Masturbation is the points that plays the major role in Stress buster because of the release of Endorphins.

Enhance Mood

Along with Stress buster, it is also a mood enhancer. Jerking off leads to the release of Oxytocin and Dopamine, other two brain chemicals that give you a sense of happiness and improve your mood.

Can Temporarily Relief You from Pain

Since Orgasm leads to the release of Endorphins, which is also a natural pain killer, you can get temporarily get relief from pain such as aches, cramps, or menstrual cramps etc.

Improves Sex Organ Functioning

The more you use, the better its works, based on this principle, Masturbation helps to improves the functioning the sex organ by increasing the blood flow and calibrate the sexual functioning. Although it does not means that you should masturbate aggressively, as it can reversely impact your sex life with partner that we will be discussing some other day.

Maintain Hormonal Balance

Any type of sexual activity including Jerking off is good for the body as it maintains a good hormonal balance, regulates menstrual cycles in females and promotes overall hormonal health.

Reduces Risk of Prostate Cancer

Regular Ejaculation in males not only gives pleasure but also reduces the chances of prostate cancer. Ejaculation helps in maintaining prostate health by flushing out the substances that could lead to prostate cancer and other prostate-related issues.

Deep Sleep

According to this study, any sexual activity such as Ejaculation from Masturbation leads to better sleep in humans. The release of several happy hormones provides a sense of calmness that leads to deep sleep. Many people purposely masturbate to feel relaxed and fall asleep.

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Any Side Effects of Masturbation?

Generally there is no side effect or bad effect of Masturbation. But if you excessively Masturbate, it can leads to temporarily problems such as Weakness, Fatigue, Low sex drive while doing sex with partner, etc.


After learning more about Masturbation, all the myths associated with it, benefits and side effects that it comes with. We can clearly say Masturbation is completely safe and healthy. It is a natural way of getting pleasure and a good way to self-love our body, get relief from stress and achieve relaxation.

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