Biggest 10 Airports in the world

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There are so many airports all around the world and many of them are beautiful. Like the Singapore’s Changi Airport or the Switzerland’s Zurich airport. But do you know that airports are not just beautiful, they are bigger as well. Not just big but bigger than even a cities. Yeah you heard that correct. Today we will be exploring the biggest 10 airports in the world.

#10. Suvarnabhumi International (Bangkok, Thailand)

Suvarnabhumi Airport is also popularly known as Bangkok International Airport. It is one of the biggest airport in the world. The total area of airport is around 32.4 km2 which is 8006 acres. The airport is not just a transit place but also promotes traditional thai sculpture and architecture.

Suvarnabhumi Airport serves to more than 65 million travellers every year.

#9. Cairo International Airport (Cairo, Egypt)

Cairo International Airport is the main airport in the capital of Egypt (Cairo). It is also the home of Air Cairo (The national air carrier of Egypt). The total area of airport is around 36.3 km2 which is 8970 acres. It is biggest and businest airport not just in Egypt but in entire Africa.

Cairo International Airport serves 40 million travellers every year.

#8. Shanghai Pudong International Airport (Shanghai, China)

Shanghai Pudong International Airport is located in the biggest city of China and a financial hub, Shanghai. It is the main international airport in the city. The airport has a total area of 39.9 km2 which is approx 9860 acres.

Shanghai Airport is the second biggest airport in China and serves approx 60 million passengers each year.

#7. George Bush Intercontinental (Houston, United States)

The original name of Houston airport was Houston Intercontinental Airport which was later renamed after the 41st President of the United States and the resident of Houston, Texas Mr George H.W Bush. The airport is spread over an area of 44.5 km2 which is 10996 acres.

Each year airport handled 44 million passengers making it the 11th busiest airport in the US.

#6. Daxing International Airport (Beijing, China)

Daxing International Airport of Beijing holds the 6th position on this list. The airport is also named ‘The starfish’ due to its unique and attractive starfish-like structure. It is the biggest airport in China with a total area of 46.6 km2 which is around 11515 acres.

The airport can handle a capacity of 75 million passengers every year. While it’s been only 4 years in service, the airport has only seen on average 1.2 million passengers each year.

#5. Washington Dulles International (Washington D.C, United States)

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Washington Dulles International Airport is located in the city of Virginia, Washington D.C. It is the 5th biggest airport in the world with an area spread over 48.6 km2 which is around 12009 acres.

The airport handled nearly 45.34 million passengers every year and connects 140 nonstop international and domestic destinations on nearly 40 airlines.

#4. Orlando International (Florida, United States)

The 4th biggest airport in the world is also from the United States. Orlando International is the main international airport located in Orlando, Florida. Total area of 53.8 km2 which is around 13294 acres.

Orlando International manage 41.6 million passengers each year. It is the 7th busiest airport in the United States.

#3. Dallas/Fort Worth International (North Texas, United States)

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport also known as DFW Airport is the 3rd biggest airport in the world. The airport is located in northern Texas and is the second busiest airport in the United States.

Area of total 69.6 km2 which is around 17199 acres belongs to DFW Airport. DFW Airports sees a passenger volume of around 44.14 million each year on average. In 2022, it regained its title of the world’s second busiest airport by passenger volume with 73.4 million travellers in the year.

#2. Denver International (Colorado, United States)

Denver International Airport also known as DIA is located in the state of Colorado, United States. It holds the second position in the list of the biggest 10 airports in the world.

It accounts for the total area size of 135.7 km2 which is around 33532 acres. After DFW Airport, Denver is the third busiest airport in the United States.

#1. King Fahd International (Damman, Saudi Arabia)

The United States dominates the 4 out of 5 top biggest airport list. Here comes the world’s biggest airport from Saudi Arabia. King Fahd International Airport is spread over an area of 776 km2 which is around 191754 acres. However, it is important to note that the entire airport is spread over 776 km2 but the airport buildings are only within 36.75 km2.

It is also known as Dammam Airport as it is located in Damman of Saudi Arabia. The airport manages passengers over 10 million each year.

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