Here’s How to get success in life (Easily Explained)

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Today we will be talking about how to get success in life. Although it sounds like a hack or something, it’s not. In Fact, only a few % of people in the world have followed it and achieved a lot from it.

Do you know how I am saying that so surely?  Because successful people are rare.

And rare things have higher demand and high status in the world. Otherwise, why would you be watching or hearing success stories on Youtube and Podcasts? It is just the basic demand and supply concept.

success in life

So coming back to the topic, if you look yourself in the side of those rare people. You need to focus on the success principle that every successful person follows.

Let’s crack the principle

3 Principles to get success in life

#1 Vision

To start anything you need to have a vision. Nothing in life can guarantee you anything. It is all about uncertainty and probability.

E.g Bill Gates didn’t drop out of college because he was very sure he would start Microsoft. But he had the vision to start Microsoft. And we all know it worked pretty well.

Now before setting any vision it is also necessary to evaluate it. Obviously, you cannot set a vision to bring the sky upside down. Because you know it’s not possible or at least it’s not in your hand.

We know that visions are possible when someone else has already achieved them. But some visions are futuristic. Where we don’t know the possibility and have higher risks of failing. But that makes Futuristic vision so special. Isn’t It?

So have a vision, evaluate it properly, and follow your risk-reward. And Go for it.

#2 Consistency

Once the vision is set, start working on it and be consistent.

Problem of inconsistency

A harsh reality is that most people have a vision but they never take any action on it. Then there are people who start really well but fail to be consistent. And slowly and gradually stops.

Why does this happen? The simple answer is they do not enjoy doing it.

The story goes like this.

People see some success stories and get motivated. Their motivation level reaches its peak. They prepare everything and start working.

After working for some time, they start feeling that the work is very tedious and not worth their time. Similarly, the motivation level also keeps cooling down and they finally quit.

How can we avoid inconsistency?

The simple way to avoid the problem of inconsistency is to only have a vision that excites you and you love to do it. This way when you will start working on it you will feel good and without worrying about anything you will continue to do it. 

And if you genuinely like to do but don’t get time like most people start giving excuses. Then there is a need to update your schedule. 

Consistency does not mean you have to work every day. It means you have fixed some time to your work and you keep continuing it for a long time. Here ‘Sometime’ could be anything such as thrice a week, twice a week, or even once a week. It doesn’t matter unless you are consistent and you believe the time you are giving is enough for that work.

Last but not the least is

#3 Patience

It is been said that patience is a key to success. And this is true if you know you are doing everything correctly but still, you are not sneaking any success.

The problem is we live in a fast world. Where everything we want is super fast. Thus we lack patience.

But we should not forget that success takes time. And if it comes overnight then it can also go overnight.

A simple example would be if you want to buy a cloth will you prefer a new shop that is opened or a branded outlet. Most people would answer branded outlet. Because they know it is a branded outlet, the quality of clothes would be very good and made up of genuine materials. Although the new shop is also selling good quality clothes but because of lack of faith. It will end up with fewer sales.

After a couple of years, the small shop turned itself into a brand. People trust its clothes and their sales figure is growing exponentially.

Similarly don’t keep focusing on success. Be patient and keep following the process, success will knock on your door.


Most people in the world want a quick outcome methodology that they can apply and become successful. But like every successful people in this world says there is nothing called a shortcut in life. You should always learn from mistakes and move forward.

Once you had an experience with something it may act as a shortcut for you next time you try to repeat it. And that is how life works.

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