Why Marble and Graphite covers most of our kitchen

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Marble and Graphite covers most of our kitchen

We have always seen marble and graphite being part of the kitchen all time but didn’t even realise why it covers most of our kitchen. Why don’t we use any other material in the kitchen, especially the counterpart where we cook our food. So let’s try to understand.

Why Kitchen material is given so much importance?

Kitchen is always an important part of any House because we cook our food in Kitchen that feeds our family. With fulfilling the necessity of a kitchen, it should also look very elegant and modern. Thus kitchen material plays an important role.

Why Graphite and Marble are ideal choices?

The kind of material we use for flooring, walls are based on Aesthetics, budget or on some other factor but when we talk about the kitchen we actually don’t have much choice and irrespective of various factors we blindly prefer Graphite or Marble.

graphite and marbles in kitchen
Properties of Graphite and Marbles
  • Heat Resistant – Graphite and Marble are materials that are heat resistant which means It does not absorb heat. Since our gas stove generates heat it becomes very important to use a heat resistant material.
  • Easily Stain washable – The kitchen is mostly full of veggies and fruits leftover and it can give stains very easily on anything except Graphite and marble. However, Marble is more porous and can accumulate stains on it. Which can go up to multiple layers inside easily as compared to graphite which is not much porous, if the top layer of it is not sealed properly. Thus we can also say Marble requires more maintenance than Graphite.
  • Premium and lucrative look – Graphite and Marble offer lucrative designs which give a very premium look to the surroundings. Thus Marble and Graphite covers most of our kitchen and can also be seen in washrooms of malls and theatres.

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