What is Angel Number? Angel Number 444 means?

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angel number 444

If you are a person who believes that the universe is more than just a random set of things that keeps happening or if you believe that nature gives you a signal for events that are about to occur in life be it a good one or a bad one. Then you must be really excited to know about the Angel Number 444 and many more.

Suppose you were working really hard an evening on an office project and you realised the time has clocked 10:10 pm. You had your dinner and jumped over the bed to sleep and saw you have already got a text from your friend at 10:10 pm. You wake up in the morning and commute to office, while the car has stopped on a traffic signal, you see a vehicle number A31010C. Till this time your mind had noticed the number 1010 and already started processing but you ignored it. Later in the office you had to send an email to one of your client which had an email address [email protected].

Now the mind has already trapped this number more than a couple of times and starts wondering if is it still a coincidence or if there is a meaning behind this. If there is meaning what is it? Why has this number been popping up around me for a couple of days?

To end the curiosity that already arrived and answer all of your questions without wasting any more time, Let’s dive into the world of Numerology.

What is Numerology?

Numerology is a mystic relationship between numbers and life events. Just like how people believe in Astrology, Numerology can also help you to find the lost path of life. To guide you with your deeds, to give you a spiritual sense of yourself and help you to learn and understand more about yourself.

People who strongly believe in Numerology believes that number carries sacred codes with them which is a sign or symbol of nature, our beloved ancestors or good spirits also called Angels. The study of Numerology was founded by non-other than the renowned mathematician Pythagoras widely popular for his Pythagoras theorem.

The person studying Numerology is called as Numerologist.

What Angel Number means?

Numerology is based on numbers, and if we talk about numbers there would also be calculations with them. Numerology calculations are not basic calculations. Turning mathematical numbers into a set of meaningful information that could reflect someone’s life are calculation that had evolved over centuries.

These calculations are done with tons of research on various combinations of numbers symbolising different meanings and passed from generation to generation. The results that evolved from all the research and cohesiveness of life found that some numbers are very scared which means connected to god and believe in angels. Thus these numbers are referred to as Angel numbers.

The most common Angel numbers are 000, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999

What does Angel Number 444 says

Angel numbers are just like any other number but it has a separate meaning of their own.

Angel number 444 in numerology shows decisiveness and clarity in life. In simple words, it means something is going to come into your life that you have been waiting for a very long time.

It is a clear message from angels that hard work and prayers are about to flourish you with fruit that you have been waiting for a long time. So keep a positive approach towards life while taking important decisions and good things will automatically follow you.

Angel Number 444 in love

For people who are in love and committed to each other, it signifies that you have met their life soulmates. While if you are not in love but wanted to be in love with someone someday and keep seeing 444 then don’t worry you are on the correct path in your life and will eventually someone special soon.

If you are a person who is in a toxic relationship or facing a rough phase that bothers you a lot then 444 for love signifies you to take a step that’s better for everyone and end the toxicity in life.

Should you believe in Angel Numbers?

One of the most important things to believe in angel numbers is to take the right choice. Everything has several perspectives so if you see an angel number it could mean something to you while if someone else sees the number it could mean much different than you.

This happens because you both are two different individuals, and are in two different states of life. So we can get a generic meaning of any angel number but we need to absorb based on our situation in life.

Coming to the main topic should we believe in angel number? People believe what they see and experience. It is totally different for every individual. So if you believe in astronomy or spirality then you can also believe in Angel numbers as there is no harm in doing so.

There would be many situations in life when you need some confirmation from the cosmos that you are on the right track. And if you see angel numbers popping around you. You can feel relieved that your decision is correct.


Angel numbers are one of the ways guardian angels communicate and signal you for the events that are about to happen in life or give you a sense of availability whenever you need it. Thus Numerology provides a piece of mind and sacred feelings if you believe in it.

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