Top 10 Countries with Highest Life Expectancy in 2023

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Life is a precious gift but even with the growing technology and advancement, the world’s life expectancy is degrading. There are several factors causing the degradation in life expectance such as lack of fitness regime, minimal physical activities, and much more. Today we will be looking at the top 10 countries with the highest life expectancy.

#1 Monaco

Monaco has highest life expectancy

Monaco is a small country located on the French Riviera, known for its stunning beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea and has a very luxurious lifestyle. But what most people around the world don’t know is that this world’s second-smallest country has the highest life expectancy rate.

The average lifespan of people living in Monaco is 87.01 years. Males have an average life expectancy of 85.17 years and females have an average life of 88.99 years.

What makes Monaco a leader in longevity? It starts with great healthcare facilities that ensure everyone in the country has access to quality medical necessities. Monaco people get to enjoy more of their open and outdoor lifestyles with amazingly long beaches, sunny and beautiful weather and eye-catching landscapes. Thus it encourages them to be more active physically and prevents them from various diseases.

#2 Hong Kong

Hong Kong life expectancy

Hong Kong is not a separate country but a special administrative region of China. Based on the eastern Pearl River Delta in South China, it is the second country with highest life expectancy. The Average life of people in Hong Kong is 85.83 years. Male have an average longevity of 83 years while the Female has 88.66 years of life.

#3 Macau

Another special administrative region of China, Macau has managed to hold 3rd position in the country with the highest life expectancy in 2023. The Average people’s life in Macau is 85.51 years with a male’s average life being 82.88 years and a female’s average life being 88.11 years.

#4 Japan

Japan is a very unique country that excels in technology and innovation but also has very rich cultural roots. People of Japan have a very high life expectancy. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the average life expectancy in Japan is 84.95 years.

An interesting fact is Male in Japan have an average life of 81.6 years while the average life of females is 87.97 years.

The major factor that leads to such as high life expectancy rate is a healthy diet. Japanese consumes a very healthy diet that includes lots of seafood, vegetables, and antioxidant-rich fruits. There is also a traditional practice that the Japanese follow which is “Hara Hachi Bu”. This means that you should only eat until you are 80% full. Which sounds like such good practice Isn’t it?

If we talk about other factors such as Health care, Japan’s Health care is top-notch in the world. From universal coverages, affordable charges, highly trained professionals and access to modern advanced technologies.

#5 Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein life expectancy

Liechtenstein is a german speaking European country known for its alpine landscapes and castles. The Average life of people in Liechtenstein is 84.77 years old. Male in Liechtenstein has an average life of 83.16 years while for females the average life is 86.23 years.

#6 Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe located around high-ranging mountains, landscapes, lakes etc. The country’s high standard of living and well-equipped healthcare system contribute to its high life expectancy.

The Average age of people living in Switzerland is 84.38 years. Out of these male accounts for an average life of 82.63 years old while female accounts for an average life of 85.1 years.

#7 Singapore

Singapore is a small island country and the second most expensive city in the world. It has an impressive longevity rate of 84.8 years making it the second-highest life expectancy country in the world.

Nevertheless, most of the credit for such a high rate goes to the country’s world-class healthcare system. The government of Singapore focuses heavily on education programs related to public health especially those that promote timely health checkups and healthy lifestyles.

#8 Italy

Italy is a European country situated around the coastline of the Mediterranean sea. Famous for its architecture, culture, literature, art and much more.

The country holds the 8th position in the list of highest life expectancy countries. According to United Nations, the average life of an Italian is 84.20 years old.

Male’s average life in Italy is around 82.15 while for females it is 86.13 years.

#9 Vatican City

Vatican City is the smallest country in the world with a landmass of just 0.49 square kilometres. The country is surrounded by Rome, Italy and it is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church.

The life expectancy of the people of Vatican city is 84.16 years. While the male’s average life is 82.17 years and the female’s average life is 86.03 years.

#10 South Korea

south korea

South Korea is famous for being the land of K-pop, K-drama, delicious Korean foods, Samsung, Hyundai and much more. This beauty-obsessed country has a life expectancy of 84.14 years, in which male has an average life span of 83.43 years and female has an average life expectancy of 87.23 years.

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