Why Reading is Important to grow in Life?

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Reading in general is an important part of life. In order to learn a language or a particular subject, and explore the different ideologies of world leaders we need to read about them. But for someone who is still unsure about the importance of reading and wondering ‘Why Reading is important?’ then this life article is for you.

In school days we are usually told to read. Without understanding its importance we just follow what is been told. But there are several benefits that come with reading that are mostly unnoticed.

Improves Communication Skills

Communication skill is something that is always helpful to a person in his entire life. Which makes it one of the most important skills to have. Reading and writing help to improve communication skills.

With reading, you get to know and see new words that you were not aware of. You can learn these new words, understand their meaning and know the situation in which you can use those words, later when you speak or write in a conversation, you can use these new words and elevate your writing and reading pattern.

Helps in Exploration

It helps us to explore new things in life be it a different language, culture, food or event. It wouldn’t have been possible if you would have not read it. Thus it gives a different perspective to your understanding and reshapes your thinking in multi-dimensions.

Enhances your knowledge and keeps you an explorer without letting you move out of the room.

Good Dose of Entertainment

If you are reading something that you enjoy and it excites you then trust me it is one of the best ways to get entertained. It could be anything like reading a fiction novel or a mysterious story of Sherlock homes.

There is no surprise when you see people on the beach, pool or even in the park, enjoying reading. That’s how addictive it could be and it’s a good addiction until you take something out of it useful for your life.

Learn Good Values

It wouldn’t be wrong to say we live in a biased world. Understanding the difference between wrong and right has become so difficult. The world keeps changing its meaning based on their comfort.

It becomes so important to read secular and religious texts so they can help you to understand the differences between wrong and right. Religion never makes any difference in their teaching, it is the people who make them different.

But in general, with reading, you get to learn new values that you can add to your thinking. So next time when you make a decision on wrong and right you can use those values as well to weigh the difference.

Evolves the Brain

Reading involves the use of the Mind in several ways altogether. It starts with processing the word we see and understanding its meaning. Makes us imagine the scene while reading the sentences, helps us to analytically think about the clues or stimulate our brain memories so that we dive more into the situation that a writer tries to take us. And trust me it’s a lot of work without even realising it.

According to the University of California, Berkeley, reading reduces a brain protein called beta-amyloid which is linked with Alzheimer’s. It also helps in remembering the memory for a longer time and slows down the memory fading rate than usual.

Makes you sound Intelligent and Mature

In terms of Reading, the more is the better. So if you read a lot, you get to know various things about the topic. Writers are usually very mature and show a well-versed way to express their thoughts through their writing. So the more you read the more you become intelligent not just in thought but also with personality and behaviour.

As a speaker, you would sound more mature and sharp.

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