Key Features that's new in iOS 17

More Personalized Phone app

Personalize contact appearances, Live Voicemail with real-time transcription, and enhanced spam call protection.

Better Messaging

Enhanced Search, Auto Transcription, Inline Replies, Expandable Menu, Sticker Customization, Check-In Feature

Enhanced AirDrop & NameDrop

AirDrop: Easy sharing, NameDrop for contacts, content sharing, SharePlay, and internet transfers on the horizon!

Life Moment capturing Journal App

A new iPhone App for meaningful life reflections. Capture life moments and Get personalized suggestions from your activities.

Improvised Health App

App offers mental health enhancements, daily mood tracking, and access to depression and anxiety assessments.

Photos App

Photos now value pets such as cats and Dogs in the same ways as they value friends and family. With the help of on-device machine learning will recognize pets in albums.

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iOS 17

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