Son of Susan Wojcicki, former YouTube CEO found dead in UC Berkeley dorm

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Susan Wojcicki with son

Berkeley, California, February 17, 2024 — The University of California, Berkeley community is mourning the untimely death of Marco Troper, the 19-year-old son of former YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki. Marco was discovered unresponsive in his dorm room at the Clark Kerr Campus, leaving family, friends, and the campus in shock.

A Promising Life Cut Short

Marco, a freshman majoring in mathematics, had just embarked on his second semester at UC Berkeley. His grandmother, Esther Wojcicki, confirmed the heartbreaking news on Facebook, describing Marco as “the most kind, loving, smart, fun, and beautiful human being.” The loss has left the Wojcicki family “devastated beyond comprehension.”

Despite his short time at Berkeley, Marco had already formed a strong community of friends. His dorm mates and fraternity brothers remember him as a vibrant and engaging presence. At home, he would regale his family with endless stories of campus life, sharing the joys and challenges of being a college student.

The Tragic Circumstances

The Berkeley Fire Department quickly responded to a call for help, trying to save Marco’s life. Sadly, when campus police arrived, it was too late. There’s no evidence of wrongdoing, but they’re investigating what caused Marco’s death.

Esther Wojcicki thinks Marco might have died from using drugs. She said he took something unknown, stressing the need to stop such tragedies from happening to other families. They’re waiting for test results to learn more about what happened.

In Berkeley, people are saddened by Marco’s death, but they’ll always remember him for his potential, his laughter, and the friendships he made. His passing reminds everyone how crucial it is to support young adults dealing with university life’s challenges, especially their mental health.

Esther Wojcicki said, “Marco, we all love and miss you more than you can imagine.”

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