A Year After Queen Elizabeth’s Passing and King Charles’ Reign!

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It was 8th September 2022, and Queen Elizabeth II left the world. One year after the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles III expressed gratitude for the public’s love and support. However, his remarks came at a time when public support for the monarchy was declining, and there were questions about its future. King Charles has been trying his best to carry on his mother’s legacy for the past year. Queen Elizabeth passed away on September 8, 2022, after an exceptional 70-year reign. During these long years, she became a beloved figure with decades of goodwill. Although it hasn’t been easy for Charles to step into her role, he has received praise for his efforts.

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“I think it’s a tough job, especially following the queen, and even from the start, being the king isn’t easy. So, I believe he’s doing well,” said Janis Baker, who was at Buckingham Palace on Friday.

However, there have been some incidents, like run-ins with people who don’t support the monarchy. One person even threw eggs at the king, and there were protests on the day Charles became king.

The BBC reported that many protesters were arrested that day, including Matt Turnbull, who was taken into custody before he could even start his protest. Later, the police admitted their mistake and let him go.

Turnbull, who works as a branding consultant, told CBS News that he wants the country to become a republic, where we have a president as the formal head of state instead of a monarch who gets the title through inheritance.

Turnbull expressed his viewpoint, asking if we should have a say in choosing the family that holds so much power and wealth.

Recent polls indicate that fewer people are in favor of the monarchy. A recent survey revealed a 5% decrease in support for the monarchy, especially among those aged 18 to 24, where 40% of them said they’d like to see a head of state elected by the people.

Turnbull pointed out that a 5% drop might seem small, but it happened in just one year. He raised the question: What would a 5% drop look like over five years?

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