Burning Man Festival didn’t burn well this year

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Burning man festival

The Burning Man Festival is a special yearly event that happens in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, USA. Many people from all over the world come to this event, which is like a big experiment in making a temporary community and showcasing art. It has become very popular and doesn’t fit into one category easily. It mixes art, music, expressing yourself, and being self-reliant in a unique way.

flood and mud at burning man festival
Credit: Eddie Codel

Unfortunately this year things are different. Burning Man faced severe flooding during the festival was ongoing. Causing chaos among the people who came to attend it. According to the reports as of now, one person has died and thousands are stuck in the desert. The person who died during the festival is still unknown and police are investigating the reason behind the death.

Because of the flooding, many festival-goers are stranded in the Black Rock desert. On Saturday, the festival organizers stopped people from driving in and told them to go back home. This left the attendees walking through mud, and some had to go barefoot or use plastic bags on their feet. They were also told to stay where they were, save their food and water, and deal with the tough conditions.

There are reports that organizers are limiting the amount of ice they’re selling, and the portable toilets can’t be cleaned, as mentioned in the Reno Gazette-Journal.

The festival started on August 27th and was supposed to end on 4th September on Monday. The US Bureau of Land Management, which manages the area, says this.

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