Does your blood type attracts Mosquitos?

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Mosquitos are the deadliest predators on the planet when to it comes to killing humans. According to the World Health Organisation every year 725,000 people die due to mosquito-borne diseases. Malaria one of the famous disease caused by mosquitoes kills around 600,000 people every year.

But Have you ever noticed sometimes mosquitos bite a few people more than others, even though everyone is in the same place with similar attire? Why did this happen? Let’s find out in today’s wellness article about Blood types that attract Mosquitos.

Mosquitos attraction towards Blood Types

There are four main types of Blood in humans i.e, Blood Group A, B, AB and O. Each blood type has a different protein structure in their blood which determines different blood types that can be safely mixed to avoid any blood reaction while supplying external blood due to lack of blood in the body.

  • A – Has A antigen in the blood
  • B – Has B antigen in the blood
  • AB – Has both A and B antigen in the blood
  • O – Does not have both A and B in the blood

Some people can also secrete these antigens through other body fluids such as sweat, saliva, and tears depending upon their Blood types. Like Blood A group will secrete A antigen, B will secrete B antigen while the O blood group will secrete H antigen.

So which blood type is attractive to Mosquitos?

It is commonly observed Blood Group O is the most attractive blood group for mosquitos. After Blood Group O the second most attractive blood group is Blood Group A.

This conclusion was found after studying the research done in 2019, 2004 and 1974.

Observations from Research Study

Since we know blood-type antigens can be secreted through other fluids such as Sweat, Tears, and saliva, it is possible that mosquitos can sense the antigens while approaching the person may be with the help of smell.

Here are few overall observations from the study

  • Mosquitos preferred landing on Blood Group O people than Blood Group A.
  • Mosquitos was preferring Blood Group A persons more than Blood Group B.

Others Factors that attract Mosquitos

Along with the blood types that we discussed above there are other factors that attracts Mosquitos

  • Body Odour – Mosquitos are more attractive to some people because of their body odour. It can be the lactic acid in sweat, perfumes, and scented lotion. Most peoples are unaware but Mosquitos are very much attracted to scented perfumes and lotion.
  • Carbon Dioxide – We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Higher carbon dioxide in the surrounding gives them the indications of prey.
  • Dark Colors – It is been observed that mosquitos are more attractive to dark colors especially black. So if you are getting more mosquito bites just check if your dress isn’t the cause.
  • Higher Body Temperature – It is observed that for some reasons mosquitos more towards heat sources. Thus higher Body temperature can be attractive for them.
  • Alcohol Intake – Person with alcohol intake is somewhat attracts mosquitos more towards them. May be the smell of alcohol is similarly attractive to mosquitos as human.
  • Pregnancy – Pregnant women are more attractive to mosquitos, this has been found in a research done in 2004. This could because pregnant women exhale more carbon dioxide and have higher body temperature than other women.


We got to know that Blood type O is the most attractive blood type for mosquitos. But along with Blood type, there are various other factors that make them attractive towards humans. In any case, we should try to avoid mosquitos as much as possible. Because they are capable of spreading lethal diseases and already own the title of deadliest predators.

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