#10 Slovakia (174.07 cm) (5’71 ft)

Slovakia: Rich history, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality in the heart of Europe. 🏰🏞️  #Slovakia #TravelGem

#9 Slovenia (174.09 cm) (5’71 ft)

Slovenia: Alpine beauty, Lake Bled's charm, and Ljubljana's allure. A green gem blending culture, cuisine, and captivating landscapes. 🏞️🇸🇮  #Slovenia

#8 Czech Republic (174.57 cm) (5’72 ft)

Czech Republic: Prague's fairytale charm, rich history, and Bohemian allure. A cultural crossroads in the heart of Europe. 🏰🇨🇿  #CzechRepublic

#7 Bosnia and Herzegovina (174.97 cm) (5’74 ft)

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Diverse landscapes, historic Sarajevo, and Mostar's iconic bridge. A fusion of cultures and resilient spirit. 🏞️🇧🇦 #BiH

#6 Latvia (174.99 cm) (5’74 ft)

Latvia: Baltic beauty with Riga's medieval charm, pristine beaches, and lush forests. A nation proud of its rich cultural heritage. 🇱🇻  #Latvia

#5 Iceland (175.50 cm) (5’75 ft)

Iceland: Majestic landscapes of glaciers, waterfalls, and geysers. A land of contrasts, where fire and ice meet in stunning harmony. 🌋❄️ #Iceland

#4 Denmark (175.68 cm) (5’76 ft)

Denmark: Timeless charm in Copenhagen, iconic Little Mermaid, and a seamless blend of historic allure and modern design. 🏰🇩🇰 #Denmark

#3 Estonia (175.72 cm) (5’76 ft)

Estonia: Tallinn's medieval magic, tech-savvy innovation, and Baltic serenity. A gem of history and modernity in Northern Europe. 🏰🇪🇪 #Estonia

#2 Montenegro (176.63 cm) (5’79 ft)

Montenegro: Adriatic allure with Kotor's fjord, Budva's beaches, and Durmitor's peaks. A small Balkan gem, rich in natural beauty and history. 🏞️🇲🇪  #Montenegro

#1 Netherlands (177.07 cm) (5’8 ft)

Netherlands: Tulip fields, historic windmills, and canal-laced cities like Amsterdam. A flatland of art, innovation, and cycling culture. 🌷🚲🇳🇱 #Netherlands

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