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Information and Knowledge give you the direction to evolve in life. This is why we go to schools and colleges so that we can be more educated. Education lays a foundation in our life to deal with this world but unfortunately, the lessons that life has to offer are way beyond the scope of any institution or college. So ConceptDive aims to develop an online ecosystem that focuses on bringing informative, knowledgeable, relatable content in a very subtle way. By this, we mean content that matters to people around the world and will help them be a better person, with which they can easily relate.

What do we cover?

We would like to cover everything that’s informative, knowledgeable, interesting, and entertaining and can act as a catalyst in improving a person’s life in some way. With that being said, we are currently covering topics related to Technology, Health & Wellness, and Life. But will keep adding more categories to the table as we evolve & evolving the lives of people.

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Founder of ConceptDive - Aman Pathak

Aman Pathak

Hi, I am the Founder and the only Author as of now @ConceptDive. I always love to learn new things and explore them. With ConceptDive I keep trying to share those new things with the world that may add some value to people’s lives in some form.

If you wish to connect me, you can connect me on LinkedIn